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Prosecutors won't seek death penalty in Lake Wylie murder

"Lake Wylie is a very tight community. They look out for each other and I don't think that is going to sit well with anyone in this community," said Keziah.

Defense attorney James Exum says prosecutors have to weigh a lot of factors before deciding to go capital.

Experts weigh in on Kerrick jury selection

"That's extremely difficult, if you think about it. That's gonna take two three months out of your life-- especially if it's not personal to you, that is a heck of a lot to ask of folks," said attorney James Exum

Man charged in corrections officer's death acted in self-defense, attorney says

Witnesses told police they had seen the two men fighting that day.
In court Thursday afternoon, White’s attorney, James Exum, told a judge that Easley was the aggressor in that fight.
Exum said that Easley got a gun from nearby bushes and fired at White, who returned fire.

Murder-for-hire suspect wants you to pay defense costs

She is trying to raise $100,000 and is 1 percent, or $1,300 on her way to her goal. Defense Attorney James Exum says he's seen this kind of thing before.


"I had a couple of clients. I had one client who actually did it, it didn't go very well for him. I don't think he got any contributions," he said.

Courtroom fight breaks out in Charlotte murder case

Charlotte, N.C.

"The fight broke out in courtroom 1150 where a suspect in the murder of Bias Easley in June was scheduled to make his first court appearance... Attorney James Exum later said the families need to let the legal system work..."


Meck. DSS worker pleads guilty to fraud


A Mecklenburg County DSS social worker faces up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to Medicaid fraud conspiracy and illegal kickbacks...

"She has obviously accepted responsibility and decided to move on, that's pretty much it," said Watkins' attorney James Exum.

Former Carolina receiver Carruth seeks separate trial


Former Carolina Panthers player Rae Carruth, charged with murdering the woman carrying his baby, wants to be tried separately from two other men accused of killing Cherica Adams.Carruth's lawyer, David Rudolf, has asked Superior Court Judge Charles Lamm to deny a motion by prosecutors to try Carruth together with co-defendants Michael Eugene Kennedy and Stanley Drew "Boss" Abraham...

Exum also has filed a motion seeking a separate trial for Kennedy.In his motion, Exum argues that complex evidence about Carruth will likely dwarf the claims centering on Kennedy. That, Exum wrote, could confuse jurors...

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